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ICRPS Summer Institutes are held in North America and Europe in alternating years. Since 2004, over 360 graduate students from North America and Europe have benefited from the innovative blend of classroom instruction, rural visits, and research meetings.

The first ICRPS Summer Institute was held at the University of Guelph in 2004.

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ICRPS 2018 Summer Institute: Tuskegee, Alabama, USA

The fifteenth International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) Summer Institute will take place in Tuskegee, Alabama, USA, from the June 24 to July 7, 2018. The institute will convene for thirteen days and will involve approximately 30 graduate students and numerous faculty members from universities around the world. Classroom sessions will be supplemented with field trips, group work and student presentations.

The ICRPS Summer Institute provides a unique opportunity for students to meet and work together on comparative rural policy issues and make invaluable research and networking contacts. The expertise of the faculty involved in ICRPS span across the disciplines of anthropology, business, economics, environmental studies, geography, indigenous studies, planning, policy studies, political science, and sociology.